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Deb Bouchard, ​RN IBCLC

Loes Lindsay, RN BS IBCLC CEIM

The best way to reach us is via text message


Please let us know if you have a question.  We would rather you text us than spend hours searching online to find your answer or continue breastfeeding in pain or with uncertainty... You can text at any time, the phone is silent when we are not available (and at night). Just make sure you include your full name and your baby's name a birth date.  An email address is handy too so we can send you information.

Who we are
We are mothers, lactation consultants and nurses who have worked on pediatric hospital units. Loes also has experience on labor & delivery, postpartum and newborn nursery units and is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage. Deb sees moms in Eastern Suffolk and Loes sees moms in central Suffolk.
We are dedicated to help you reach your personal breastfeeding goals. We will guide you from our our studies as well as our work and personal experiences.


Since the community can and should be a very important aspect of the life of new parents, I made some of the local connections a little easier to find.  Check the community tab for links.

​What We Offer

Lactation Consultation

  • Breastfeeding Support 
  • Breastfeeding classes

Ameda Breast Pump Rental

Hospital Grade Double Electric pumps

Ameda Platinum Breast Pump see here

​Ameda Elite Breast Pump see here​​

Infant Massage

Learn how to massage your baby with a small group of other moms and dads. 

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